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Take A Chance... Make A Difference.

This is our humble request that please donate us your old/unused clothes, books, school supplies or anything that can help us to help a few less fortunate kids to have a better life.

We will accept:
1. Schools textbooks and notebooks.
2. Hardcover and paperback books in good condition.
3. Jigsaw puzzles and board games are accepted.
4. Unused stationery products.

We will not accept:
1. Books which are heavily damaged.
2. Board games which have missing pieces.
3. Adult books and other stuff will not be accepted.
4. Do not donate Non educational magazines.
5. We will not accept used stationery products.

Hridaypur Srija

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Call : (+91) 8100054428

Award From CLA, Barasat,2017

It was a prestigious moment for us as we were getting recognized for our effort to make a better place for the kids. We would like to express our gratitude towards everyone who had been a great and constant support for us. 

Thank you,

Hridaypur Srija 



Some of our students have passed graduation and aiming for a higher education. Some of them enrolled in undergrad programmes, with the help they got from us. They are trying to make a future for themselves as well as they are helping us to help others just like them. We didn’t have many projects or monitory funds to begin with but the love and cooperation of some kind hearted people, we are here today. And we will continue our journey with the hope that we are going to make a better future for others.

Cultural and Educational Excursion, Science City Part 1

Cultural and Educational Excursion, Science City Part 2

Annual Prize Distribution,2019


Our yearly magazine UPAL, is a humble try to connect with society and take a look into its soul. We are publishing Upal from the creation of our organization. Yes, it was intended to be published every year, some time we kept that promise, sometimes we couldn’t.

To keep our yearly magazine UPAL, published every year, we need your help, in any way you can. You can submit your writings, or you can donate, anything you want.

Subject of Submission :

•Poetry (within 21 lines)

•Short Stories (Within 2000 words)


For ANY query contact us :
Call : (+91) 8100054428


Wall magazines are a medium within the educational institutions for the students to express their creativity. It can also be utilized as a medium to increase interaction between students by having regular fortnight quizzes, so making it widely known. Certain topics can be discussed by regular posts on an open section.

We have one too. Entirely created and published by our students.



Our kids are trying to make a mark....

Ghare Baire (Programme on Woman Empowerment) on DD Bangla

Ghare Baire (Programme on Woman Empowerment) on DD Bangla

Today,16 March,2020, we had the opportunity at the "Ghare Baire" program of Kolkata Doordarshan. We are moving forward because our friends are on the side.Thank you very much for your support. Hopefully we made an impact on you to make our society a better place.

Thank you Kolkata Doordarshan Kendra for giving us the opportunity.

Fight Against COVID-19

We, Hridaypur Srija,an NGO, work for children  from low-income family and helpless old people who are left behind in the heart-stricken society. Children's families are day laborers. Some of them do not have any father figure. They solely survives on their mother's income. During this time of  COVID-19 epidemic,Mothers are at home so these families will be the first ones to get in trouble. we ask for help from everyone.

Help us bring food to these kids' table, and to a family of an old couple.