Core Friend

In our way of life, we get many bless as well as help from the friends of different level of society. We classify these friends into two category. They are :

A. Adviser

B. Donor 


Our Honorable Advisers are

1. Mrs. Kankana Kar (Advocate)

2. Mr. Sanat Chandra (Auditor & Chartered Accountant)

3.  Mr. Sib Sankar Deb Sharma ( Social Worker & NGO Activist)

4. Ms. 
Paramita Bhattacharyya ( Social Worker & NGO Activist)


Our Highly Esteemed Donors are

1.  Amit Aich

2.  Biswajit Roy

3.  Biswajit Sinha

4.  Debasish Sen

5.  Debasish Sen

6.  Mitali Chatterjee

7.  Namita Das

8.  Nandita Kundu Goswami

9.  Sagarika McManus

10. Saikat Ghosh

11. Sajib Roy

12. Sekhar Paul

13. Sima Roy

14. Biharilal College of Education


15. Lovely Mondal

16. Sree Suvayuu Bhattacharjee


17. Indian Steam Ship Company

18. Kanak Kanti Das

19. Mousumi Biswas


20. Sree Dipen Dey


21. Kora Udayani Sangha

22. Sujan Saha

23. Sree Sunetra Roy

24. Oindrila Saha


25. Prashanta Sinha Roy

26. Sree Debdas Baidya

27. Smt. Sandhya Chakrabarty

28. Royal Plastic Stores

We are doing our part by taking the new initiative HAAT BARALEY BANDHU SRIJA to distribute FOOD,MEDICINE, & ESSENTIAL SUPPLIES in this COVID-19 PANDEMIC Period, since June,2021. This service is not only COVID patients, but also for elderly, disabled people who live alone.  We are serving the citizens under BARSAT &MADHYAMGRAM Municipality since the second wave surged the number of COVID-19 cases. And this service will be continued from now on....

We are grateful to all the friends who have made it possible for us to continue the "HAAT BARALEY BANDHU SRIJA" project. Those behind the scenes are constantly helping us move our work forward.  Friends who have helped us move our work forward with financial donations-


·        Mrs. Rakhi Banerjee

·        Sri Mrinmoy Kundu

·        Mrs. Sharmistha Das

·        Shri Sunirmal Roy

·        Mrs. Mitra Sarkar

·        Shri P, K Maitri

·        Mrs. Chandrani Sarkar

·        Mrs. Moumita Ghosh

·        Mrs. Mithu Das

·        Mrs. Polly Roy

·        Mrs. Aparna Sarkar

·        Mrs. Arpita Sengupta

·        Mrs. Chayanika Sarkar Biswas

·        Mrs. Ranita Sarkar

·        Sri Ashtadhar Mandal

·        Mrs. Papia Mandal

·        Mrs. Swagata Chowdhury

·        Shri Amit Dutt

·        Shri Sauradip Majumdar

·        Shri Manas Pal

·        Shri Dilip Dutt

·        Mrs. Sushmita Saha

·        Mrs. Riya Ghosh

·        Mrs. Dulali Gain

·        Ishani Saha (11 years old child)

·        Lawyer Mrs. Kankan Kar

·        Shri Sauvik Das

·        "Siddhi Binayak Friends Association"

·        Mrs. Swati Das

·        Sandeepan Das

·        Smritikana Das

·        Nakul Chandra Das

·        Shri Sunirmal Vardhan


**We are blessed to have you by our side. We want to help people till the situation becomes normal. Your cooperation is requested.