A free health check-up camp has been organised by Hridaypur Srija on 8th December, 2013 at Community Centrer, 2 no. ward of Madhyamdram Municipality. This is not only a health check-up camp, there were two more programme related to our health i.e. Blood Group Determination Camp and Dental Check-up Camp.

This programme was inaugurated by Hamida Begam, Councillor of 2 no. ward, Madhyamgram Municipality by lightening candle. 

Among the latest two mentioned programme one is Blood Group Determination Camp which was organised by the help of Rotary Club of Madhyamgram. In this particular event Rotary determined blood group of total 101 children of our locality.

There is a motto for organise the free dental check-up camp to celebrate Joy of Giving Week, 2013. The dentists came to our camp from Dontia Dental Care, 78 S. N. Pandit Street, Kolkata-26. The dentists are: Dr. Harleen Sethi & Dr. P. Sethi. 

For the general health check-up camp 3 doctors came to our camp to fulfil the camp successfully. In the section of general health check-up camp we gave free medicine as per doctor’s prescription. The doctors for general health check up came from our locality namely Dr. Prabir Kar, Dr. K. K. Roy & Dr. Aniket Halder. This 3 doctors and 2 dentists have been seen total 110 children.


We organize health checkup camps.We also organize Blood Group Determination Camp and Dental Check-up Camp. With the help of local doctors we also provide time to time checkups. With the help of Jadavpur University we provide mental counseling to our students.

Fight Against COVID-19_1

Humans are for human beings. And in response to our request again and again in this fateful day(MARCH 27,2020), Barasat Samanya gave our 60 children a week's food.
We do not know how long this difficult situation will last,but we will try to feed these children until the situation is normal. Please be with us.

Fight Against COVID-19_2

"Life is for life ". Today's life crisis - on the one hand COVID-19, on the other hand, hunger. Everyone should avoid these two crises. Hariharpur(Hridaypur) Rabindra Janmodibas Udjapan Samity" handed over 60 food packets to our family today(MARCH 29,2020). This is a social responsibility. We wish the organization prosperity.

Fight Against COVID-19_3

During the lock-down, we promised to give our students (whose parents are daily wage workers) the minimum amount of food a week. We received 100 kg of rice and sanitizer from Engineers’ Council, Barrackpore 2. 
And with the help of some friends, we bought the rest of the material and handed it over to the parents today.(APRIL 5,2020)

Fight Against COVID-19_4

We are committed to delivering food items to the 60 children in our family at Lockdown.
Today(APRIL12,2020) is the fourth day.

Donor-"Hariharpur(Hridaypur) Rabindra Janmodibas Udjapan Samity"  
Foods provided - pulses, potatoes, soybeans We are grateful to you for standing by these families. That is how we all wish to deliver food items to our children in lock-down. Hope we can all get back to normal life soon.

Fight Against COVID-19_5

Today is the fifth day(APRIL16,2020). On the “tirodhan” day of Maya Debnath, her family provided a week's worth of food for our children. We believe it is a great step to fight against hunger during this pandemic. We are grateful to have received such support from you.

Fight Against COVID-19_6

Another new friend, a married couple came to our organization today through our friend "Barasat Smmanya".- Mr. Suman Dutt and Mrs.Aarti Adhikari Dutt. They came to our organization today to celebrate their fifth wedding anniversary. They distributed rice, potatoes and soybeans to 70 people.

Our best wishes, love and little gifts (made by children) make their future bright.

DATE:April 22,2020

Fight Against COVID-19_7

Our continuous programme at Lockdown.
Today we are thankful to those for whom we were able to distribute rice, pulses, potatoes, soybeans to 67 people. These people are RachnaKhemani, Vidya Madappa, Anamika Lodha, Sundip Poddar. We did not have the good fortune to see these friends with a generous mind, but they stood by us at this time like a true friend. We are grateful, blessed. 
Shri Shivshankar Dev Sharma, one of the members of our advisory council, has been responsible for the bridging. Your contribution is memorable.


Fight Against COVID-19_8

Donor - Shubhdeep Mukherjee
Consumer-Beneficiaries of Hridaypur Srija and a few troubled people in the area we found through our Child Core group members.
Number of consumers-51.
In this way, if all the friends are by our side, we can be by the side of these people.
DATE: April 30,2020

Fight Against COVID-19_9

Donor-Engineers’ Council, Barrackpore 2. , Tegharia resident Ms Seema Roy, and an anonymous kind friend. 
Consumer-Beneficiaries of Hridaypur Srija and some of the area's troubled people we've found are members of our child core group.
Number of consumers - 34
In this way, if all the friends are by our side, we can be by the side of these people.
DATE: 01 May,2020

Fight Against COVID-19_10

Raunak is a well-known name in the music world today. His birthdayhas been celebrated with our students since childhood.

This year's birthday was celebrated byour friend organization: BarasatInstitute of Social Activity (BISA) with 15 children.

DATE: April 19,2020

Fight Against COVID-19_11

Donor-Asmita Sarkar from Raniganj
Consumer- 2 old people who are Beneficiaries of Hridaypur Srija
and 20 people who lost their job due to COIVD-19 pandemic.

Number of consumers – 22
DATE: 06 May,2020
Corona Lockdown has taken away a lot of things but also taught us a lot.

Fight Against COVID-19_12

On the 12th day of the lockdown, Mrs. Sarvamangala Mandal from Michaelnagar spent her savings for 70 members of our family. On the occasion of her 88th birthday, she did not forget to fulfill her responsibility towards the society even when she was ill. Pulses, potatoes, soybeans, eggs, oil, soap were in the “Thakurmar Jhuli”. Our young ones sent their handmade gifts for her. Stay healthy, stay well, this is the prayer.
Acknowledgments-Our Friend Organization- "Birati Ichchedana"

Date: 07 May,2020

Fight Against COVID-19_13

On the 13th day, 40 people were fortunate enough as "Maheshwari Mining Pvt. Ltd." of Raniganj graciously agreed to extend a helping hand. In addition to our 70 students, it is still possible to help 100 people in the time of great distress because people like you are by our side. We are grateful for your support
Date: 12 May,2020