Hridaypur Srija have two educational project, namely RUPANTAR & PRERONA. By participation of community all the activities of Hridaypur Srija have been operated. In a local club namely ‘Kora Udayani Sangha’ we provide education in two group to the children of the age group of 7-14 years old which is known as RUPANTAR & above 14 years which is known as PRERONA. We teach them 5 days in a week at evening from 6 p.m. to 8 pm.

Some main objectives of this two projects are:
1. To ensure the elementary education among the children under 6-14 years of age.
2. Reduce the number of child labour & drop out children.
3. To nurture values and good habits among the children.
4. To aware and develop consciousness among the community people on the socially excluded issues like early child marriage, child labour, trafficking etc and try to involved them to prevent these socially excluded issues.
5. To aware about the problems among the adolescents boys & girls and try to solve that’s problems.