What We Do

What We Do

Social and Educational Support:

At Hridaypur Srija, we help more than 100 students in their studies by giving them coaching support. They come from lower class family where poverty is continues so they can not afford minimum school supplies such as books, bag etc. Most of the kids are interested in cultural studies but due to lack of money they can not afford these too. So their talent goes in vain. If they can get support in their interest of cultural learning by obtaining cultural studies supplies, they can have a better future.

There are some students above 14 years of age, they too can’t afford their school fees and minimum school supplies. So they fall behind in their studies. Through this project we can help them with school fees and school supplies so they can get a better future.

To encourage the students about studies and to read books a library is a must have option.  If we can provide them some good books to read and some reference books for their studies, it will help them for their mental growth.

We give more than 100 students free coaching assistance per week for 2 days. To ensure better assistance we need teaching materials such as black board etc. If we can provide these to our students can go through a better learning process.

We also look after the health of these students. To maintain the health condition of our students, we regularly arrange students and guardian meetings to help them understand benefits of health awareness. But to maintain good health they need nutritional foods. If we can provide our students nutritional foods on a daily basis it will help them.  


We have a functioning library. We provide text books and story books as per    requirement of our students. Right now we have a collection of near about 2000 books. Hopefully soon we will be able to provide more books.

Literary Activities:

We publish our annual wall magazine NABANKUR . We also publish our annual literary magazine UPAL .

The Academy:

The Academy is dedicated to create a self awareness by providing ART CLASSES, DANCE CLASSES and CRAFT CLASSES at a minimum rate to the neighborhood kids who have a passion for ARTS, but the financial crisis is holding them back.

We are here to help the kids to experience the JOY OF ART.

Cultural Activities:

We have a cultural centre, named ACADAMY, and. Our students make crafts with the junks people throw out and what we can recycle. It helps our environments and teaches kids to recycle. Sometimes we throw exhibitions on the recycled crafts to help raise awareness and money. We also celebrate everyone’s birthday associated or beneficiary of our organization. And people from outside our organization also celebrate their special day with us.

Health Activities:

We organize health checkup camps. We also organize Blood Group Determination Camp and Dental Check-up Camp. With the help of local doctors we also provide free of cost checkups throughout whole year. With the help of Jadavpur University we provide mental counseling to our students. When needed we also provide necessary medicine and food. We also provide nutritious food one day a week. With the help of Narayana Hospital our beneficiaries got the chance to avail a free check up along with ECG and other special treatment under the guidance of Dr. Devi Shetty and his team.


We held monthly meetings for our students, guardians and teachers. Here they can share their thoughts to each other.

 Annual Programmes:

We have an annual cultural programme where we have several competition to boost our students’ confidence, such as, drawing competition, dance competition etc. very year with the support of DAAN UTSAV, we take our kids to Nicco Park for recreational and educational tour. And also every year the students get new clothing at the eve of DURGA PUJO

Disaster Management:

This facility started on March.,2020 during the global Disaster, COVID-19. Since the lockdown 1st phase started we are providing food to our beneficiary every week. And also we extended our help to more than 150 people in this pandemic by distributing food to those who belong to the weaker section of the society.

When the super cyclone Amphan hit, some of our beneficiary almost lost everything. At the immediate step we have distributed some old, clean clothes to them.

Member of Internal Complaint Committee:

We are member of internal complaints committee to several organizations; in this committee we provide our support against bullying, ragging and harassment.

Social Security Linkage:

Under this activity we are helping the parents of our students to get their legal Marriage certificate. Till now we are able to provide this service to 3 parents.

Other Activities:

We are associated with FORUM to raise our voice against any kind of violence. We also celebrate special days as Independence Day, Republic Day etc. We also organize an annual picnic and sports day at the same day(25th December). We also distribute clothes throughout whole year.  We also want our students to become more active at outside world.so, we take them to educational tours such as,Alipore zoo, Birla planetarium, Science City etc.

With the help of other NGOs’ we provided computer training and personality development training to our students,