Our History

“Hridaypur Srija” a welfare & cultural organization was established by some energetic young fellows of Hridaypur on 15 September ’05.The primary objective was to educate the children who had been lagging behind in the schools and to prevent drop-out.
In 2002 Hridaypur Srija conducted a baseline survey in the slum area beside the railway track between Hridaypur and Barasat rail station. The result of the survey showed that most of the children from this area were unschooled and those who were going to school had nobody to help them learning their lesson. The school going children were gradually becoming drop-out as they had neither private tutor nor any support from their guardians. Unfortunately we have lost all survey papers along with some other documents as we don’t have our own office. Any way, analyzing the then situation, the members of Hridaypur Srija commenced its education project with self Endeavor on 5th sept’02. Initially the place was provided by a person of the community and the children were divided into 2 sections-one was Formal and another one was Non-Formal.
Since 2002 onward the activities of “Hridaypur Srija” has been gradually growing up with the help of local clubs, organizations and well wishers.
Considering the necessity of adult education Hridaypur Srija started a new Programme- ‘Adult Literacy Programme’. The target group was the guardians of before mentioned slum area.
Srija has faced many hard times and also various types of enticements, but it has been standing still excelling its excellence as service provider to the neglected section of the society. Srija has neither any financial strength nor political, only self willingness and blessings of the beneficiaries which has been motivation for us in our way.
Let’s hope, our limited capacity will lead us to achieve our goal which is to provide more and more services to the backward section of the society.