Secretary Desk

Our Philosophy

Every child is important and precious. They are the future.

Our Vision

Make a world where not only every child but every being is safe.

Our Mission

Do everything in our power to make every child grow up safe, educated and enable them to help make a better future.


Some of our students have passed graduation and aiming for a higher education. Some of them enrolled in undergrad programmes, with the help they got from us. They are trying to make a future for themselves as well as they are helping us to help others just like them. We didn’t have many projects or monitory funds to begin with but the love and cooperation of some kind hearted people, we are here today. And we will continue our journey with the hope that we are going to make a better future for others.

NGO Darpan ID- WB/2018/0204099

The honest effort of Hridaypur Srija is still now working for development of our society. The works throughout of the recent financial year is proved that. We took project for development of education, health of the students of 1 no. ward & 2no. ward of Madhyamgram Municipality. These projects are still now working. Beside this, we established a night education centre to engage more children in the field of education. We also look after the health of these students. To maintain the health condition of our students, we regularly served them nutritional foods besides giving them educational supports. We are also conscious about the mental & physical development of our students. For these yearly 1 time we arrange annual sports. At present time, Hridaypur Srija looks after about the problem of mental depression among children especially for adolescent children. We are trying to aware the adolescent children about the problems of this adolescent age of their life and trying to solve their problems. Not only that, we also caring about the problems of the mothers of these children and trying to solve these. For enriching the status of these mothers in their family & society, we opened a adult education centre. Now we are quite satisfied by setting up this adult education centre. We are glad that we are successfully completed our 2nd year lottery game. We will hope that in future we will get help from our donor, advertiser to fulfill our all works & projects. If we get help from general public as well as well wishers in future, Hridaypur Srija hopes that they can fulfill their maximum dreams in future within their limitation,.