Our Future Projects

Our Future Projects

Future Goals

Day Care

To help single parents we like to build a day care center for kids. It will help the kids to be free from bad influences around them and help them grow a knack for studies and extra curriculum activities. With the help of our library we can also encourage them to grow a habit of reading.

Old age home and Orphan Home

Senior citizens need someone to talk to, besides fellow residents, and the orphans can benefit from meeting adults who aren't their caretakers, on a regular basis. Provided, there're enough caretakers who are able to look after both senior citizens and little children. They could easily pass their time by engaging themselves in teaching those kids, helping them in doing homework, packing their lunch boxes in the morning, plaiting the kids, playing with them rather than chit chatting with the fellow mates The orphan kids will get a good company to share things that happened in their school or their day to day life. They will get a good grandparents from whom they can hear stories, values and morals especially the ones who can really assist them with their studies.

Women's Shelter

It will be a place of temporary protection and support for women escaping domestic violence and intimate partner violence of all forms. We will be with women who live in poverty, most of whom have never had an education and are victims of domestic abuse. Hopefully we like to provide counseling, support groups and skills workshops to help women move on independently, which brings us to our next goal.

Skilled Workshops for Women

This programme will help women in need to get back on their feet. We want to offer a various sets of skilled workshop programme, such as Stitching and sewing training, Beautician training,early childhood care and education training etc.With the help of these workshops then can find a new goal in their lives